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T-1 used to be a experimental android, designed by clandestine organisation, to infiltrate and assassinate targets deep behind enemy lines. Due to extreme lack of resistance to humidity, project was eventually cancelled.

To get rid of the failed experiment, creators dropped him into The Pit - deep cavern, where radioactive waste is disposed. Having passed different variations of Turing test, T-1 is self aware and as every living being, will do everything to survive.

Only way out is at the top of The Pit. T-1 has to reach it, before raising liquid damages his bionic body. Falling from heights also damages android.

Shortest way out of the pit, is to use floating bubbles, of unknown origin, to get to the top of The Pit.


Master the art of surviving.

Compete with players around the world, to beat the game as fast as possible.

Be persistent and discover hidden level to find true meaning of the game.


Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Requirements: to indie for that...

My first 3D game - everyone starts somewhere.

NVidia powered laptop?

Sometimes game runs on integrated graphic card, check out this post for solution.

Want to contribute, or look around?

Game source code: https://gitlab.com/RomekRJM/bubbleup

Server source code: https://github.com/RomekRJM/BubbleUpServer

Install instructions

Unzip and Play!


BubbleUp.zip 402 MB

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